our house removal and office removal tips can save you time and money!

Save Time & Money With Our Top Moving Tips!

With the New Year just around the corner, many people in the UK will be planning to move house in 2018. Whether you have already struck a deal on your new home or are still viewing a number of different properties, it’s fair to say you could do with all the help you can get when it comes to preparing and executing a successful house move!

To give you a head start, we’ve put together some handy tips you can use to make your house move as quick and convenient as possible!

Organised Packing

As you can imagine, packing all of your belongings away into several boxes and bags can be a little confusing, and unpacking them on the other end can be just as baffling if your items are packed away in a random order!

To save yourself time and effort, pack and label your items by room, that way they can be placed in the appropriate rooms once they arrive at the new house, and easily unpacked one room at a time! For example, wrap and box all of your kitchen crockery and cutlery together, then once they arrive at your new home, the boxes can be placed in the kitchen, and the contents transferred into your cupboards and draws in one fell swoop!

The Power of Padding

You have enough to contend with during a relocation without having to worry about damaging your belongings. To properly protect your items during transit, it’s a good idea to pick up some durable packing supplies to wrap and store them in.

From reams of soft bubble wrap to strong, durable moving boxes, protecting your items by wrapping and storing them properly before the big move could save you of money in damages in the long run. At Moving Solutions, we can help Manchester removals customers pack, wrap and store items before they are transported to a new location, using professional packing materials in the process.

Many Hands…

Make light work! As with many age-old sayings, this one has plenty of truth to it. Recruiting help from friends, family or even friendly neighbours (a bottle of wine as a “thank you” can work wonders here!) can help you cut down on your removal time considerably.

Simply having more hands available to pack, wrap, box, carry and even transport items can take a huge weight off your shoulders and is particularly helpful when it comes to carrying heavy items through narrow spaces, such as dining tables or wardrobes. Again, moving solutions can take care of this if you’re without the extra help you need; our friendly removal experts have the experience and spacious vehicles required to execute a house, office or any other kind of removal you require.

That concludes our list of handy removal tips, be sure to check back on the Moving Solutions blog again soon for more useful tips and guides!

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