A couple unpacking after moving to their new home with the help of Moving Solutions in Manchester.

You have reached your new home and all is well. The time-consuming task of packing all your possessions is over, the move was smooth and against all odds, you managed to not forget or break anything. You’re excited for the next chapter of your life and can’t wait to settle in, but there is still one mammoth and rarely discussed job left to do…unpack.

For some, the task of unpacking is exciting and a way to settle into the house. For others, it’s rather daunting and can be a long and overwhelming experience. To make the process easier here are some tips on how to approach unpacking once you have reached your new home.

Place boxes in the appropriate room

This first tip relies on a little bit of pre-planning. When packing, try to keep possessions from each room together and label them e.g. spare bedroom box. This makes it a little easier on the other side so that you are able to put the boxes in the correct room straightaway. This saves you from tackling a tower of boxes and sorting each possession individually.

You may want to pack a box with some necessities in for when you first arrive at your new home. Things like toilet roll, a kettle, milk, teabags and a packet of biscuits might come in handy.

Clean every room

When moving, you want your new place to feel fresh and clean so before you unpack it’s time to get scrubbing. It is a great idea to have a box just for cleaning products and to make sure your vacuum cleaner is accessible. It’s much easier to do whilst your possessions are still in boxes and the deep cleaning process can help with settling into your home.


A person cleaning their new home before unpacking.

Unpack the Kitchen

You’ve got your essentials and the house is clean. The next best move is to unpack the kitchen, take out the items you will need the most such as plates and cutlery and set up your major appliances such as the washing machines and dishwashers. The less essential kitchen stuff can wait until you’ve unpacked the rest of your home.

Bedrooms and Bathroom

The next step is to unpack the bedrooms and bathrooms. Start by unpacking your duvets, pillows, and covers so you can make your bed up and enjoy a comfortable sleep on the first night in your new home. Organising your wardrobes may feel like a bigger task depending on how many bedrooms you have or clothes you own so you may want to leave this job until later in the process. However, if you have organised the boxes into the separate rooms it may be more manageable. Bathrooms usually don’t take too long to unpack so it’s worth getting it done on the first day. Put away your towels, toiletries and fix your shower curtain. These minor efforts will make the house feel more like your home.

Towels on a shelf. Unpacking bathrooms can be quick and easy.

Assemble and arrange furniture

At Moving Solutions, we offer an additional re-assembly service so there is no need for you to struggle with any awkward flat-pack furniture. We are also happy to make sure we move larger furniture to the appropriate room to avoid wardrobes being left in the hallway or beds in the living room.  You will now need to decide on the placement of your furniture, it is helpful if you have a think about this before moving and to double check measurements. It might be a good idea to put up any extra shelves or storage solutions too.

The finer details

By this point, the majority of rooms should be unpacked including all the cutlery in the kitchen and clothes in the closet. The more strenuous work is over so you can hang up your curtains and roll out your rugs. It is now time for the last finishing touches and to unpack your more personal possessions. Books, electronics, photographs, candles, and artwork. For many, this is the most exciting part of the unpacking process and really makes your new property actually feel like your new home. It can also be a great relief to know the stress of moving home is now over…although you’ve not taken a look in the garage yet!

If you are planning to move home in the Manchester area, contact Moving Solutions for an efficient and affordable service.

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