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If you’re planning to move house in Sale and are looking for a trusted and experienced team of Manchester house removal experts, look no further than Moving Solutions.

Our dedicated team of removal staff have over 30 year’s experience in the removals industry and operate across all areas of the city of Manchester. With our base of operations in Sale, we have provided a professional and affordable house moving service to new and old residents of Manchester for decades, and we have the tools, vehicles and know-how to help make your hose move as quick and stress-free as possible!

We operate 7 days a week, offering the same competitive prices for our house removal services throughout the weekend as we do Monday to Friday.

To arrange your free, no-hassle quote contact us today on 0161 973 6011 or by using the simple contact form below.

Why Choose Moving Solutions?

Undertaking a house move with a helping hand can be a pretty daunting task; with so many little jobs and preparations to consider, it’s easy to underestimate just how big a task a house removal can be.

But have no fear! With Moving Solutions, you can rest assured that your house removal is in very capable hands. With decades of experience, several spacious transportation vehicles docked in our Sale removals depot and full public liability insurance with every removal, we can help execute your relocation in one fail swoop.

We provide a host of handy services to make your move just as quick, organised and convenient as you need, including helpful dismantling, packing and reassembly services.

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We strive to offer the most competitive prices for each job we undertake, so by understanding your needs, we can ensure we quote the best price possible for your removal. Contact us below for a free, no hassle quote.

How Much Do Sale House Removal Services Cost?

There are many reasons to choose Moving Solutions to carry out your house removal. Firstly, we offer the same competitive prices seven days a week, meaning we don’t charge a premium for customers who are looking to move house over the weekend. We also like to visit each customer when pricing a house move, to ensure we can give them the best quote possible (often at a fixed rate).

We also offer a range of handy additional services to make your house move even more convenient, such as dismantling, packing and reassembly services, perfect for those with several large pieces of furniture.

While we do like to visit each customer to give a more accurate and competitive quote, you can use the examples below as a loose guideline to how we price certain house removals:

Small to Medium Size House Moves

For customers moving house in Sale who are moving out of a small-medium sized property (often 1-2 bedroom sized properties) we recommend the use of our ‘Luton’ removals van. This vehicle comes with two expert house removal staff and provides an adequate 900 cubic feet of transit space, plenty of room to store and transport your belongings to your new property.

This service also comes with full public liability insurance coverage as standard, giving our customers further peace of mind.

For the rental of our Luton van, two removal staff and full public liability insurance we charge an hourly rate of £60, but we can often offer a better price as a fixed quote after visiting our customers before the removal date.

Larger House Moves

For larger removals, (often 3 bedroom properties and above) we recommend the use of our more spacious removals wagon. With a whopping 2,000 cubic feet of transit space, more than double the transit space than our Luton van, our wagon comes with three removals experts to help with the move, as well as full public liability insurance coverage as standard.

This service is priced at an hourly rate of £80, but again, we can often offer a better rate as a fixed-price quote after visiting the customer and surveying the number of items that need to be transported.

Long-Distance House Moves

We’ve worked with many customers over the years who are moving to or from the Sale area from further afield, sometimes over hundreds of miles! In these cases, we would price the job per 100 miles travelled. The following two examples show how we would charge long-distance house removals to or from the Sale area:

  • Rental of our Luton van with 900 cubic feet of transit space, two house removal staff and full public liability insurance would cost roughly £500 for a 100-mile trip.
  • Rental of our larger removals wagon with 2,000 cubic feet of transit space, three house removal experts and full public liability insurance would cost roughly £800 for a 100-mile trip.

Additional Services & Weekend Rates for House Removals in Sale

Customers often ask, what are our weekend rates for house removals? Well, you’ll be happy to know that we offer the same competitive rates through the weekend that we do through the week, so no matter what day you wish to execute your house removal, you can expect a fair, affordable rate for every job we quote!

We also offer a selection of additional services to make your move even more convenient, including a packing, dismantling and reassembly service. For each of these services, we charge an hourly rate of £25 per removal staff present.

Remember, we always prefer to quote each job individually, allowing us to give customers the best price possible for their house removal, often on a fixed-price basis. Contact our friendly removals team today on  0161 973 6011 to plan your house move.

How Should I Prepare for My House Move?

Anyone who has moved from one house to another in the past is likely to tell you that the entire process can often turn out to be a little more stressful and complicated than they had initially anticipated. From troublesome furniture that can’t squeeze through doorframes, to boxing and labelling countless belongings, there’s so much to take care of before the big day.

That’s why we’ve put down a few handy tips you can use to make your move a little easier, but remember, if you find that there is simply too much to do and you don’t have the time or assistance required to do it, Moving Solutions are available 24/7 to lend a helping hand!

Many Hands Make Light Work

This age-old saying is still popular today for a very good reason: it’s completely true. Recruiting friends and family to help you prepare for your house move is a fantastic way of lightening the workload, and getting lots done in a short time-frame. Maybe you could tempt them over with some free pizza (just be sure to pack the plates last!).

The Bigger They Are…

Large pieces of furniture such as wardrobes and bedframes can often be troublesome on the day of your removal if they are intact. If you’re able to dismantle larger pieces such as these before the day of your removal, you’ll find it much easier to manoeuvre them out of the house and into the moving truck. Again, if you find this a little tricky, we offer a dismantling and reassembly service that is perfect in these instances.

If in Doubt, Pad it Out!

Delicate items such as crockery, mirrors and televisions should be generously wrapped with padded materials such as bubble wrap or thick blankets to ensure no scratches or breakage occur during the removal. While it may be a little more time-consuming to add so much padding, it’s certainly worth the peace of mind it gives once everything is loaded up and ready to move. You’ll be happy to know we offer a complimentary padding/wrapping service for all televisions we transport during house removals, just another perk of choosing Moving Solutions to help with your move!

What Happens After I Contact Moving Solutions?

After you contact Moving Solutions, we’ll arrange a convenient time and date to visit you in Sale and survey the number of items you need to transport during your house removal. This allows us to discuss your needs but also give the most competitive price possible, usually at a fixed-price rather than an hourly rate.

We can also discuss any additional requirements you may have, such as our professional wrapping and packing services.

Contact Moving Solutions today on 0161 973 6011 to arrange your free, no-hassle quotation.

Do We Provide Removals in Ashton-Under-Lyne?

As a Manchester-based business, we provide an expert house removals service in all areas of the city, including the town of Ashton-Under-Lyne. Featuring the historical ‘Ashton Market’ as well as popular museum of Portland Basin, Ashton is a town busy with the hustle and bustle of commerce and nightlife.

Over the years we have carried out countless removals in Ashton, and we’re available 24/7 to offer around-the-clock house removals service whenever you need it. We also have a range of additional handy removal services available to customers in the area, you can learn more about our removals in Ashton here.