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Looking for a trusted and experienced removals company in Ashton-Under-Lyne? Look no further than Moving Solutions!

With over 30 year’s experience in domestic and commercial removals, our expert team have the tools and know-how to ensure your move goes down without a hitch! Our expert house removals services are available 7 days a week, ensuring our customers are able to move at a time that is most convenient for them. To arrange a free, no obligation house removal quote use our simple contact form below or contact our friendly team on 0161 973 6011 today!

House Removals from Moving Solutions

Moving house is no easy feat; with so much to dismantle, pack, carry, arrange and organise, it’s especially difficult if you don’t have a few extra sets of hands to help with the removal.

Luckily, Moving Solutions are here year-round to offer an expert house removal service in Ashton-Under-Lyne, as well as providing a range of other Manchester removals services. We have over 30 year’s experience in proving a trustworthy and efficient home removals service and have carried out countless removals in Ashton-Under-Lyne over the years.

No matter what your house removal entails, you can rest assured that we have undertaken even the trickiest of removals over the years. We offer a range of handy additional services to help with your move, including a dismantling and packing service, perfect for those who have to move on a tight schedule! We also have a selection of house removal vehicles to choose from, ensuring you receive the correct amount of transit space and removal staff on your moving date.

Customers looking for removals in Ashton will also receive full public liability insurance, meaning in the very unlikely event of an accident or should any damage occur to your items, they are fully covered by our insurance policy.

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We strive to offer the most competitive prices for each job we undertake, so by understanding your needs, we can ensure we quote the best price possible for your removal. Contact us below for a free, no hassle quote.

How Much Do Ashton House Removal Services Cost?

House removal services in Ashton-Under-Lyne are incredibly affordable with Moving Solutions. We offer a range of flexible and competitively-priced home removal services, to ensure our customers only pay for the precise service they require, with the option to bolt-on handy additional services such as our dismantling and packing services.

To ensure we are giving our customers the best possible prices, we prefer to quote each job individually, however, we will share a few example rates below for ‘average’ house removals.

Small to Medium Size House Removals

Customers looking for small to medium house removals in Ashton can rent our specialist ‘Luton’ removal van, which comes with two expert removal staff as standard. The Luton removals van provides 900 cubic feet of space in the rear, plenty of room to safely store and transit your belongings from your previous house to your new home.

The Luton house removal van also comes with full public liability insurance coverage, giving our customers further peace of mind.

The hourly rate for this removals service is £60, including the van and removal staff mentioned above. Again, we do prefer to quote each removal individually, as we can often offer customers a fixed price after discussing their needs.

Larger House Removals

For customers who are undertaking a larger-scale house move, we have a considerably larger and more spacious removals wagon. This roomy removals wagon provides 2,000 cubic metres or transit space and comes with 3 expert removals staff.

The removals wagon is also ideal for anyone moving to or from Ashton from further afield; while local removals can often opt to rent our ‘Luton’ removals van and tackle their house move in a couple of journeys, the larger removals wagon is almost always enough to transport all of the customers’ belongings in one fail swoop, making it ideal for customers moving house over longer distances.

The removals wagon also comes with full public liability insurance and is available in the Ashton-Under-Lyne area for an hourly rate of £80, including 3 house removal experts.

Long Distance House Moves

In some cases, our customers are looking to move to Ashton from further afield or to move from Ashton to a more distant location. In these cases, we charge per 100 miles travelled. Here are two examples that show roughly how we would charge long-distance house removals to or from Ashton-Under-Lyne:

  • Rental of our 900 cubic feet Luton removals van, with two house removal staff and full public liability insurance would cost around £500 for a 100-mile trip.
  • Rental of our 2,000 cubic feet removals wagon with three house removal experts and full public liability insurance would cost around £800 for a 100-mile trip.

Additional Services & Weekend Rates for Removals in Ashton-Under-Lyne

It’s very common for our customers to want to undertake a house removal over the weekend, to avoid disruption of their weekday routine (such as their children’s school attendance, or work commitments).

That’s why we offer our Ashton house removal services are available on both Saturdays and Sundays at no extra cost, ensuring all of our customers get the same great service at the same competitive prices!

We also offer a range of handy additional services to help with your house removal, including dismantling/reassembling furniture and professional packing. For these services, we charge an additional £25 an hour for each relocation expert present.

As mentioned previously, these prices are a rough guide to help you estimate a cost for your Manchester house removal. For an accurate quote, contact us by using the contact form above, or simply by calling 0161 973 6011.

Are Office Removal Services Available in Ashton-Under-Lyne?

At Moving Solutions, we also provide expert removals services to those looking to relocate their businesses. From small start-up businesses to larger companies with more furniture and computers to transport, we can offer office removals in Ashton to companies of any size.

As we provide removal and relocation services over the weekend at no extra cost, office removals from Moving Solutions are ideal for businesses looking to reduce downtime or an interruption in productivity through the working week. Or expert removals team are able to complete your office removal over the weekend and have all of your items in place in the new premises ready for Monday morning.

We also offer handy additional services that help ensure your relocation goes down without a hitch, such as out professional dismantling, packing and reassembly services. This can make Ashton office removals even more convenient, especially if you do not have the time, tools or extra hands to help pack up an office-full of furniture and computers!

What Should I Do Before My Removal?

Many of our customers ask us how they can best prepare for a house move, so we thought we’d put down a few handy tips on our website to help our online visitors too!

Preparing for a house removal beforehand can help save a huge amount of time once the move-out date arrives, and while we do offer a range of additional services to help customers who simply don’t have the time or help to prepare for their move, there are a number of things you can do before the day arrives.

Firstly, dismantling larger pieces of non-essential furniture during the days approaching the move can save time on the morning of the move. Similarly, adequately wrapping, packing, boxing and organising other non-essential items such as kitchenware, dining sets and ornaments can cut down on things to check off during the house removal. Also, ensuring delicate items such as mirrors and televisions are sufficiently wrapped and packaged can help avoid any damage in the unlikely event that two items were to collide during transit.

At Moving Solutions, we offer a free bubble wrapping service for each television we transport, at no extra cost!

What Happens After I Contact Moving Solutions?

The pricing process with contacting Moving Solutions is quick, simple and allows us to ensure we’re offering you the most competitive price possible.

We’ll arrange a convenient time and date to visit your house in Ashton and survey the items you need moving during your house move; from there, we’ll have a good idea of how much space and time you’ll need from Moving Solutions and can often give customers a fixed-price quote following the audit.

This also allows us to detail all of the areas in which we can help with your move, including any additional needs you may have such as assistance with the dismantling/reassembly of certain furniture.

We like to quote each removal individually to ensure we can offer the best possible prices to our customers, so be sure to contact Moving Solutions today on 0161 973 6011 to arrange your quotation.

Do We Provide Removals in Trafford?

Based in the heart of Manchester, we provide our full range of removal services in Trafford, as well as all other towns and surrounding areas of Manchester. Trafford is the spiritual home to millions of football and cricket fans across the the world, but also thousands of local residents, many of whom we have helped move in and out of houses over the decades!

Our range of removal services is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the Trafford area, including the rental of our ‘Luton’ van, best suited to customers moving out of a 1-2-bedroom property, to our incredibly spacious removals wagon, featuring 2,000 cubic feet of transit space.

For a full list of services, you can learn more about our removal services in Trafford here.