It’s no secret that selling your house and moving can be one of the most stressful tasks many of us will ever have to undertake, and while there are countless positive aspects of moving into a new home, the process of packing up all of your belongings and moving them into a new property can be a little arduous at the best of times. Assuming you have found a reliable local Estate Agent who can help you sell fast, as well as a solicitor and surveyor who are timely and responsive, you can look to move quickly with Moving Solutions!

Luckily, at Moving Solutions, we’ve got removals down to an art: we laugh in the face of tight hallways, chuckle in the face of spiral staircases, and slap our knees in the face of attic doors. What we’re trying to say, is that we’re good at helping customers move house in and around the Manchester area, and we have some great tips to share with you!

Read on to find out some of our best tips for packing up the belongings you keep in your bedroom!

Clothing Care

First thing’s first, let’s be sure we’re not risking damage to that carefully-constructed wardrobe of yours. To make sure your new clothes arrive at your home wrinkle and damage-free, leave your clothes on hangers and group them into sections of around 10-20 hangers, then take a bin liner (preferably the slim-line white bags, as the black bin liners often have a noticeable smell) pull the bag over the garments from bottom to top, and tie the liners around the neck of the hangers as seen in the image below.

Removing your clothes from a wardrobe is easy by bunching the clothes together andwrapping them in a bin liner.

Now your clothes can be easily transported fro, one location to the next without fear of loose garments going astray, or bunching up and wrinkling during transit! When you arrive at your new property and the wardrobe is in place, you can simply hang each bunch of hangers on the rail, remove the bin liner and hey-presto, your entire wardrobe is ready in a matter of minutes!

Removing Beds

Don’t worry, we don’t mean the creepy crawly type! The bedroom can be a particularly tricky room to remove items from, especially when it comes to larger pieces of furniture such as bed frames.

Our tip for this is simple, dismantle bedframes ahead of your move, leaving only essential beds in-tact until the day of the move (as you’ll be needing to sleep on it until the last day!). Unused guest beds etc. can be taken apart ahead of the move to save time on the day and ensure the frame can be easily carried through the doorway and reassembled in the next property.

removing bed frames from your bedroom can be tricky if the frame is left in tact. We can help you dismantle the frame and move house.

Dismantling bedframes also means they can be placed more strategically in the removal van, saving space and ensuring you can fit in more items per-trip.

Remember, if you need help with dismantling and reassembling large pieces of furniture, we offer a dismantling and reassembly service with as a part of our Manchester house removals service, perfect for those who do not have the tools or ability to undertake the task themselves.

Padding Delicate Items

packing your bedroom items before removing delicate items can prevent damage.

The bedroom is often filled with delicate belongings, from appliances and picture frames to jewellery. Be sure to use adequate padding when packing these items, and mark the box they are packed into as ‘FRAGILE’, this will ensure no matter who is carrying the package treats it with care and consideration during transit.

Again, customers who require specialist packing materials can also benefit from purchasing specialist packing items such as removals boxes, bubble wrap, sturdy tape and more directly from us. We also offer a packing service if you require additional help in this area. These additional services are ideal for those who are looking to move house soon or at short notice; if you are in such circumstances, or are looking to sell your house fast in Manchester, then out Northwest home removal services are ideal for you. Be sure to contact us using the details below if you are considering selling your home at short notice, or simply moving house, as we’re available 24/7 to offer help when you need it most.

We can include removal materials such as these in a fixed quote, so be sure to contact us today on 0161 973 6011 to discuss your house removal and how Moving Solutions can help!

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